Selasa, 17 Januari 2012

Supanart 'Tina' Jittaleela Biography

Real name: Supanart Jittaleela

Also known as : Tina Jittaleela

Gender : Female

Birthday : February 12 1991

Hometown: Bangkok (Thailand)

Personal relationship status : Single

Brothers and sisters : Nichapa Jittaleela, Podchara Jittaleela, Tatae Jittaleela

Studying at universities: Chiang Mai University

High school : SatriwithayaSchool

Like the dress brand : Marc Jacobs

Favourite singer: Mark Ronson Samantha Ronson

Supanart Jittaleela, also can call her Tina.
Thailand Cenozoic actor, 18, studying YuQingMai freshman year.
On December 16th upcoming so-called "Siam love" female edition movie "Yes or No" plays male the first Kim (i.e. the Les of T).
Trailer after it was introduced, a few short minutes already fan pour thousands of girls.
She and heroine of Aom chorus eye ", "OST repercussions also very warm. Films, and another song OST forecast, "if one day you have the courage to add the eyes of" Chinese subtitle has emerged, and December before the movie "Yes or No" of Chinese subtitles edition, is expected to January will come out.
Hope like "Yes or No" and Tina Jittaleela when the movie theaters and stay tuned Tina in the film was excellent performance.

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  1. Tina fit the role of "Kim" very well. Nice work for first time acting. People needs to keep in mind that this is only a role in movie. My girl went through a "tomboy" stage & back to be "girly girl" again. Can't wait to see more Tina's movie.

  2. I love those movies!!! Should internationalize these films. I love TINA <3

  3. luv it!!;)..Tina is a simple woman..i like their tandem in this movie, looking forward for the part3..plss..thank you!;)

  4. LOVE tina and aom and i'm waiting for the part 3 of YON! When i see their photos and music videos i feel the happiness and excitement always. I always wanted to see them sweet to each other. Jub jub jub!

  5. Love tina!! Really love u!!

  6. Is she really a girl? Is she also acting like a boy in real life?

  7. I love you Tina, so much! After watching your movie I can't stop thinking about you. The way you act, the way you carry yourself and the way you internalized the your role in the movie was just pretty impressive and it was just so amazing. I hope to see more of your movies. Keep up the good work and more power to you..

    your number 1 fan here in the Philippines ~ Jen


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